Effortless English Speaking Lessons

What is Effortless English is and how does it work?

English Speaking System

Effortless English is an English speaking course and system created by me.  The lessons are all in English, so they are for intermediate level learners. The lessons target people who tried to learn English in school for years but never learned to speak fluently. If you are able to read English fairly well, but cannot speak well, the course is for you.

Each course contains several units (lesson sets), and unit consists of several individual files: there’s a Text Guide you read for understanding.  There is also a Main audio lesson that teaches listening and other skills such as motivation, leadership, career success.. There’s an audio Vocabulary Lesson in which I explain phrases used in the lesson. There’s a “Mini-Story” lesson, which is the most important one. This is the key to speaking English fluently.  There is a “Point of View” audio, which teaches grammar naturally, without grammar rules.  All of these lessons together make one use or set.

There are 30+ units per course plus bonuses. One bonus is an Action Vocabulary video lesson.   This lesson teaches you to learn and remember new vocabulary using a special physical technique.

An important part of the system is the idea of deep learning. Each unit must be repeated daily for at least one week.  Even if you understand everything you need to still repeat a unit daily for at least 7 days. This guarantees complete mastery and internalization of the language.

Effortless English, Really?

Some people see the word “Effortless” and think this is a system for lazy people.  It is not. First, “effortless English” is the final result of the program.  At the end of the program you will speak English effortlessly.  However, you will work every day on the lessons.  Second, “effortless” means that even though you are working hard every day, you enjoy the work because the lessons are fun and interesting.

I recommend that you listen to the lessons while you are walking, commuting to work, eating lunch, doing the dishes, or before sleep.

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So no, it’s not “lazy English”!  Yes, you must spend two hours per day listening to the lessons with good concentration.  Of course, the more hours per week you listen, the faster you will improve.

Because of the deep learning system, each course takes 4-6 months to complete.  This may seem like a lot of time but that’s because each course is designed to help you master spoken English.   All success requires dedication and time.  You can’t be lazy and become a great speaker.   The good news is that you will enjoy learning with the courses.  The work will be fun.

Emotion Is The Fuel Of Success

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Effortless English is the psychological system used in the lessons.  Every lesson is designed to excite and energize you.  No sitting on your butt and falling asleep during my lessons!  I will have you jumping, moving, smiling, and laughing during every minute you are learning.  I work very hard to keep you energized and motivated.

Let’s be honest– why do most people fail to speak excellent English?  Well, it’s because most simply quit improving.  They get bored.  They get stressed.  They get tired of failing.  And then they quit.

This is why motivation and psychology are the keys to your English learning success.  As Tony Robbins says, “Psychology is 80 percent of success, method is only 20 percent”.  In other words, you must manage your emotions and thoughts in order to speak English like a native speaker.   You learn faster when you are happy.  You learn more slowly when you are stressed or bored.

Effortless English, therefore, uses “success psychology” techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to ensure that you learn as fast as possible.

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You must become the master of your own thoughts and feelings to achieve great success in life.  In Effortless English courses, I teach you exactly how to do this.

I believe this is the most powerful and most valuable part of this course.

Mini-Story Lessons | The Powerhouse of Learning

The Mini-Stories are the heart of the method. Those are the easiest lessons and the most effective.  They teach fluency, vocabulary and grammar.  Using the mini-story lessons, you quickly develop conversational fluency.

Many students are nervous when they speak English.   Every time they speak, they immediately think of grammar rules.  They worry about making a mistake.  They remember all of the times that a teacher corrected them in class.  They remember the tests.  This anxiety hurts their speaking.

The Mini-Story lessons contain simple statements and simple quesionts.  The stories are interactive.   eg. “Vanilla was a beautiful, intelligent woman”. Your job is just to respond to the statements and questions out loud.  When you hear a statement, you say “Ohhh” or “Ahhh”.  When you hear a question such as “What kind of woman was Vanilla?” you  answer out loud “She was a beautiful, intelligent woman” or just “beautiful and intelligent”.  You don’t worry about grammar or about giving full answers.  Your goal is to answer quickly with a loud voice.  In fact, shout your answers!

Easy and Exciting

Is it effective? Definitely.   Each day you repeat this same mini-story lesson, so your answers naturally become faster and faster.  Your listening speed improves.  Your answers get longer.  Your grammar improves.

Of course, after a pause I say the correct answer so you learn that quickly.   All of the stories are fun.  They are full of crazy characters and strange situations.  Why?  Because you remember strange situations more easily than normal ones.  You also enjoy the stories more and that speeds learning too.

Of course, you can’t shout your answers to the Mini-Stories when you are in public.  If other people are around, you can simply answer the questions silently in your head.  This is still very effective.

Who Effortless English For?

Effortless English is for intermediate level learners.  The best test is if you can read basic English fairly well, but have trouble speaking well.  If that is true, Effortless English is for you.

The programs are for adult independent learners.  Many business people use the courses for the purpose of improving their career. Because the lessons also teach career success principles, they are perfect for business English learners.

Housewives and retirees (pensioners) are another group that benefits from Effortless English.  The courses are ideal for use at home.

Surprisingly, these courses are also perfect for people who hate English classes.  My high energy approach is the opposite of how you learned in school.

This system is absolutely for students who feel nervous and shy when speaking. With this method you focus on communicating confidently, not on grammatical perfection.  Everyone makes mistakes, even native speakers.  Your ability to communicate effectively is what’s most important.

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If you want to travel the world, you need to speak English fluently.  If you want to work for international companies, you need to speak English fluently.  If you want international friends, you need to speak English fluently.  If you want to understand American movies and TV, you need to speak English fluently.  If you want to have a more successful career, you need to speak English fluently.


Many students focus on test preparation, as do most schools.  Effortless English is different.  There are no tests with this method.  None.

Tests do not help you improve.  Tests distract you.  Too many learners focus more on tests than they do on real-life fluency.  When you speak fluently, you will automatically get a high test score.

Another problem with tests is that they create a lot of stress.  Learners worry about them and this worry hurts their learning speed.

How About Writing?

Effortless English focuses exclusively on speaking.  There are no writing lessons. While I do give advice about writing, my courses teach you to speak fluently and confidently.  This is a spoken English system.

I recommend that you first master listening and speaking, and later improve your writing.  Think of the natural order of language learning that we see with children.  First, as babies, they learn to understand by listening.  Next, they begin to speak.  They become fluent (though not perfect) speakers before they ever learn to read and write.

Reading is the next skill they learn.  And finally, last, they learn writing.  I recommend that you follow this natural order.  First master listening and speaking.  Once you can speak like a native speaker, you will easily improve your reading and writing.

American? British? Australian?

I am an American and I teach (North) American English.

Some learners worry about which type of English they should study.  The truth is, American, British, and Australian English are all very similar.   You can focus on just one, or you can mix them.  Americans easily understand standard British English.  And the Brits easily understand standard American English.  The same is true for the Australians (and Kiwis)!

What’s most important is to learn the standard versions of English.  This is the type of English used in most movies and TV shows.  It’s the kind used by newscasters.

Luckily, I have a standard American accent.

Get Started

Despite your past problems.  Despite any doubts.  You can learn to speak English confidently.

Effortless English will help you achieve that success.

Enjoy your English learning!

AJ Hoge is a career development speaker and business English trainer.  He does a limited number of keynotes and seminars each year.

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