Business English Training

AJ Hoge, the world’s leading business English trainer, offers a variety of individual, group, and corporate programs. Each is based on his proprietary system where students learn to speak English powerfully and confidently, without the textbooks and grammar drills used by traditional language programs.  More than 1 million students across 28+ countries have improved their job performance and career outlook following AJ’s Effortless English program.

Corporate and HR English Training

AJ Hoge’s corporate and HR training division offers custom and pre-designed high performance training solutions that drive company results, team success, and individual excitement.  The world’s fastest growing English language program, both recorded and live programs have been adopted by corporations of all sizes in Asia, North America, South America and Europe. Discover what a Hoge English language training program can do for your company.

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Original Effortless English Course

AJ’s most cost-effective English language fluency system helps students quickly speak excellent English powerfully and confidently.  This fun online audio course eliminates the frustration characteristic of traditional language courses with story-based teaching rather than memorizing vocabulary and grammar usage.  Everyone succeeds in this course with daily small improvements learned intuitively without ever opening a textbook.  At the end of 35 audio lessons, students speak English confidently and successfully, guaranteed.

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Power English Course

AJ’s Power English program incorporates leadership, success, motivation, and personal development topics into his groundbreaking Effortless English fluency lessons.  A 35-unit story-based interactive course, Power English avoids traditional textbooks, grammar drills, and boring classes in favor of an exciting story-based approach.  Students learn quickly and naturally with AJ’s intuitive learning methods that eliminate boredom and assure success, both in English learning and in the job market.

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VIP Monthly Membership

This program is for people who want to go to the advanced English level and use English in a leadership setting.  In this ongoing program, AJ teaches advanced English fluency and personal development with success and leadership topics.  Students say they join the VIP community to become advanced English speakers but stay with it for the highly effective career development and leadership training.  These are our most motivated members and they are enjoying proven success in the global job market.

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AJ Hoge is a career development speaker and business English trainer.  He does a limited number of keynotes and seminars each year.

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